DataDirect SequeLink Service for ODBC Socket

DataDirect SequeLink Service for ODBC Socket 6.1

SequeLink Server turns the SequeLink Server into an application server
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Traditional client/server middleware has typically been deployed in a 2-tier, point-to-point architecture. For example, the SequeLink 2-tier deployment option involves the installation of the SequeLink for ODBC Client on client desktop machines and native SequeLink Servers on existing DBMS server machines. However, for maximum flexibility or centralized access requirements, SequeLink server-based middleware can be installed on intermediate server machines between the client and database server systems. This is known as an n-tier architecture, offering a variety of benefits to the IT organization. In this deployment option, SequeLink provides all the benefits of single, universal client components and value-added services such as security, administration, and portability, while extending access to virtually all data in the enterprise.

The SequeLink Server for ODBC Socket effectively turns the SequeLink Server into an application server. This option allows organizations to access virtually any ODBC-compliant database from within the SequeLink environment, but through a scalable n-tier architecture.

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